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The Revolution (Vodka) Won't Be Advertised


Watch out Russia, Idaho is getting all up in your biznass. The potato state is taking on your two most famous exports: revolution and vodka.

Revolution Vodka is the new kid in town. at Distilled Resources, the Rigby distillery responsible for crafting 44 North, Blue Ice, Teton Glacier, Square One and Zodiac Vodka, among others. Revolution Vodka bills itself as "a small veterans-based company made up of four Idaho natives," and the business recruited California's Slightly Stoopid to sign on as brand sponsors. In fact, a few members of the band performed with C-Money and Players Inc. at the official Boise launch party at Gusto last month.

You can find Revolution Vodka at a number of local liquor stores, but don't expect any glitzy ad campaigns anytime soon. According to its website, these hooch purveyors don't want to play the sleazy corporate vodka game.

"Start a revolution in vodka and flip the bird to big foreign corporations. Tell them to take that s**t right back to where it came from. We are Americans and we think ridiculous corporate ad campaigns are bulls**t." Yeppers.

If you prefer your libations a little less fortified--and foul-mouthed--Messenger Pizza, which opened in Nampa in mid-October, is gearing up to offer its own microbrews in the coming months. The beer-brewing side of the operation is currently being tackled by couple Jenn and David Schram, while Shawn and Cassidy McKinley are manning the pizza-making end of things.

"It's kind of a cross between Neapolitan and New York style," explained Shawn McKinley. "We have regular gas-deck ovens; we're not wood-fired or anything."

The four partners gutted the old Stockman's Press Building in downtown Nampa and have revamped it with a "Catholic retro atmosphere." They're offering pizza by the slice and some eccentric 12-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch whole pies like the Chuck Norris, Jalapeno Popper and Red Velvet Nun. 1224 First St., Nampa, 208-461-0081.

**Correction: Revolution Vodka is made by Distilled Spirits, USA, not Distilled Resources, INC.