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The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band with Jason Webley, Jan. 9, Neurolux


Based on its name, someone who isn't familiar with Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band might assume a show would include a large orchestra or something akin to a crowded Ozark mountain jug band. Both of those assumptions are wrong. However, the Big Damn Band's music is as tight and well orchestrated as any group with horns and strings. And, well, there's a washboard.

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band is a family affair with Peyton pick, pick, plucking away on guitar and vocals, his wife Washboard Breezy on washboard and Peyton's brother Jayme on drums. The familial connection may be what gives the band that intangible something, but it's also simply the band's honest, bluesy, rootsy down-homey rock that touches listeners. From the onomatopoeic "Boom Chank" to the revealing "My Old Man Boogie," the songs poke at a place where American music history lives, buried in the mud after a flood of fly-by-night bands just trying to make a quick buck with formulaic singles. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band brings the heart and soul of American music back up to the surface and gives it a name and a face. You'll walk away feeling like you've just attended a 1930s tent revival—sweaty but filled with spirit.

Wednesday, Jan. 9., with accordionist Jason Webley, 9 p.m., $5. Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St., 208-343-0886.