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The Race to the Bank


Due to our Tuesday press date, we are unable to announce the winners of the Boise City Council Election. However, we can announce the winners of the money race--and where that money is coming from. As of the most current info available on Election Day, the clear winner is seat 4 candidate Jim Tibbs, who raised just under $28,000. Since our last issue, his major contributions have included $1,000 from the Boise Firefighers PAC and the Idaho Association of Realtors, as well as $500 from Micron Technology. Tibbs' opponent, Jerome Mapp, ended up with just over $9,400, thanks to a late swell of support mostly from private citizens and a handful of developers like Hubble Homes and Brighton Corporation. Maryanne Jordan coasted to a cool $14,000 by Election Day, thanks to numerous small donations and a beefy $1K each from the Boise Firefighters PAC, Boise Chamber of Commerce PAC and infill specialists Samas Development. Her opponent Brandi Swindell raised $11,695, just under $1K for each apostle, thanks to a late $1,000 from a Pennsylvania-based Pro-Life PAC. Vern Bisterfeldt added only $300 to the amount of $15,500 he announced last week, meaning his most entertaining contribution is still the MSG-drenched $1,000 he received from Golden Star Chinese Restaurant on Orchard. And then there's Mark Seeley, Boise's Eighteen-Dollar-and-Forty-Three-Cent Man. We can't wait to see who wins. And since you're reading this, you know who won. Let us in on it, won't you?