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The Quotable Dean


Gov. Howard Dean, former presidential candidate and current chairman of the national Democratic Party, spoke to an enthusiastic and sweaty audience in Julia Davis Park last Friday. Introduced with hopeful aplomb by former Idaho Rep. Richard Stallings and Gov. Cecil Andrus, Dean's booming voice bordered on a scream only once (thankfully, when he was railing on the Idaho State Legislature for holding closed meetings). But rather than gather responses from local Dems and Reds-trust us, no surprises there-we're providing Boiseans on both sides with their very own Howard Dean Quote-o-Matic, all from his Boise speech. Clip it, put it on your fridge and use it to stir up a political spat in '08. Or right now.

Red States: "I'm making a swing through the Rocky Mountain states. People say, 'Why is that? It's a Republican area!' No, it's not. It's a libertarian area. This is an area where individual freedoms matter. Individual freedoms and fiscal responsibility."

Idaho voters: "We know it's going to be hard to carry Idaho in the presidency in 2008, but we can win the governorship in 2006."

Republicans: "They're so bound by ideology, they don't care what the facts are ... [Bush] talks pro-family, but then he cuts health care and cuts education."

Governmental secrecy: "Imagine! The state senate closing their committee hearings so that ordinary people from Idaho can't find out what they're paying for. We can do better than that."

Karl Rove: "Two years ago this week, [Bush] said he would fire anybody in his administration who was willing to expose the identity of a CIA agent defending their country. Now we know who did it, let's see if the president is good for his word or not."

Health Care: "This country ought to join [all other industrialized nations]. All those countries have something that we don't have. They have health insurance for every man, woman and child."

Abortion: "The principal difference [between Democrats and Republicans] is that we believe that individual women ought to be able to make up their own minds about their health care, and they believe that Tom DeLay and the boys should tell us what to do. I don't think Tom DeLay should tell anyone what to do."

No Child Left Behind: "The biggest unfounded mandate passed through this government, raising property taxes all over Idaho. I think big government can keep NCLB. Local people can run their own school boards in Idaho."

School Vouchers: "Public education works in rural areas. How is a voucher program helping you if you have one public high school within 20 or 30 miles?"

Gay Marriage Amendment: "[The Republicans] only did that for one reason. That was to pick on gays, so they could get people to vote for them. In 2006, you know who they're going to pick on? Immigrants."

War in Iraq: "We're stuck in Iraq. The president caused that. There weren't any terrorists in Iraq before, but there are now, and now we're stuck."

Saddam Hussein: "A tin-pot dictator who couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag."

Veterans: "How dare [Bush] go over and carve a Thanksgiving turkey for the troops, and then treat veterans like dirt when they get home ... We're going to treat our soldiers well when they get home, not just when they get over there."

Political Dissidence: "[Bush] goes elsewhere around the country, has big town hall meetings and cuts out anybody who doesn't agree. He's the president of 51 percent of the people. He doesn't want to be president of the 48 percent of us who didn't vote for him. ... We're going to respect people who disagree with us."