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The Quick Fleet Foxes Jump Over The Abbey Road

Saturday, July 23, KFCH


Bands don't really want to read that they "sound like The Beatles." It's too much pressure. But when a band's vinyl outsells a Fab Four record, it's worth noting.

As reported in the Seattle Weekly, Seattle-born Fleet Foxes' 2011 full-length record, Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop), was outsold by Abbey Road this year by a mere five copies--sales numbers were rounded to 20,200 for each. Although Abbey Road was released more than 40 years ago, in 2010, it sold more than 35,000 copies. That's not bad for the folky Foxes, a group whose members look more like biologists than rock stars and whose first release only came out in 2008.

Fleet Foxes' sweet harmonies, surprising change-ups, lead singer Robin Pecknold's rich, strong vocals, and interesting subject matter have all contributed to Helplessness Blues moving tens of thousands of copies. Now if the Fleet Foxes would get mop-top haircuts, they might move five more.