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The Prowler Creeps Out of 1951 And On To DVD

New DVD release


A whole slew of scary screeners are out--or are creeping out--on DVD. Some are flicks that barely made a bump in the theaters, others are classics, like 1951's The Prowler.

In this noir thriller, Evelyn Keyes stars as Susan Gilray, an attractive, lonely housewife. When she calls the cops to report a peeping tom, she discovers that responding officer Webb Garwood (Van Heflin) is more dangerous than any looky-loo. The two are soon entangled in an illicit affair, and as Susan is drawn into Webb's web, she is oblivious to his plans to kill her husband for the insurance money. They are drawn in ever deeper when Susan discovers she is pregnant--her now-dead husband was sterile--and Webb begins to panic.