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The Projector

Wizard of Oz—This 1925 black-and-white, silent film is the first major movie adaptation of the original book. Saturday, Oct. 17, 7 p.m., $5 donation accepted after the show. Falcon Tavern, 705 W. Bannock St. 208-947-3111.

Law Abiding Citizen—When Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) and his family become victims of a brutal home invasion, Shelton's life falls apart. The criminals brutally murder his wife and daughter. After Shelton testifies against the murderers on trial, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) tells him that the "flawed justice system" has to offer a plea bargain for one, in exchange for the execution of the other. Ten years later, Shelton admits the murder of the man who got away with murder. He calls Rice in to visit him in prison, where he delivers an ultimatum: fix the justice system, "or I'll kill everybody". Now, Rice finds himself in a deadly cat-and-mouse game as Shelton orchestrates, from behind bars, a series of brutal murders on high-profile targets. (R) Edwards 9, Edwards 22

My One and Only—Kevin Bacon and Renee Zellweger star in this story of a 1950's southern family. Ann Devereaux, a Southern belle, embarks upon a road trip across the country with her two sons, played by Logan Lerman and Mark Rendall, to escape their womanizing father, played by Bacon. The three travel to Hollywood in search of a new provider. (PG-13) Flicks

The September Issue—Anna Wintour, the famed editor of Vogue, was involved with all 700 pages of the September 2007 issue, along with creative director Grace Coddington. Documentarian R.J. Cutler and cinematographer Robert Richman teamed up to chronicle the inside world of high fashion. (PG-13) Flicks

Where the Wild Things Are—Spike Jonze brings the beloved classic to life in an adventure tale for all ages. Max, "making mischief" in a wolf costume, travels to a mysterious land of forests and fanged creatures. Maurice Sendak's beloved Where the Wild Things Are has been a children's classic since the '60s, now it comes to the big screen for the next generation. (PG) Edwards 9, Edwards 22