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The Poo Vault



Every dog owner knows that taking Fluffy for a walk means turning into a part-time ninja—smelly bag of dog-doo in hand, you scout the area for the nearest trash can, willing to leap over a fence or tiptoe around a flowerbed to reach it without alerting nosy Mrs. Next Door to your stinking secret. Tired of the ninja life? Boise dog owner Jessica Streib created the Poo Vault, a recyclable, odor-trapping, portable dog poop safe, so you can be a regular human again. To keep your hands feces-free, the ultra-light Poo Vault clips securely to your belt or attaches to your canine's leash with a carabiner, and it is strong enough to carry "two poops from a 70 pound Labrador."

Visit the website to buy yours, watch comedically tragic "Dog Poo Stories" from Poo Vault converts or just to find out why "Poo Vaults make every walk more happy and less crappy."


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