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The Polish Ambassador

Oct. 15, The Bouquet


Though he's not a state-sanctioned diplomat, David "The Polish Ambassador" Sugalski has done a great deal to make fun, poppy EDM look--and sound--good. His latest release, Pushing Through the Pavement (Jumpsuit Records, June 2014) is a hip-hop, funk, indie, R&B hybrid that is uber danceable. TPA is also trying to make a difference in a more grounded way--the P in "Polish" could stand for "permaculture," which is, in a nutshell, sustainable living through ethics and design. Boise on his TPA Permaculture Action Tour and on Thursday, Oct. 16, at 10 a.m. Sugalski and company will turn a front lawn on State Street into an "ecologically regenerative food forest." Get more at and