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The Pixies

Oct. 2, Revolution Concert House


It's hard to believe but Indie Cindy (Plas America, 2014) is only the fifth studio album by The Pixies and the first since 1991's seminal Trompe le Monde. It's strange because it seems like a sparse discography from a band whose songs are such a part of pop culture. "Where Is My Mind?" off of 1988's Sub Rosa Surfer Rosa* is practically an anthem of angst, included in TV shows, commercials, films and video games, and covered by more bands and musicians than there are craters on the moon. OK, that might not be true, but "Where Is My Mind?" does have an out-of-this-world connection: In 2004, the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit was "awakened" to the song in "honor of its software transplant."

*[Of course we meant Surfer Rosa.]

Though Pixies' studio albums are few and far between, the band hasn't been sedentary for the past 30 years. Extensive touring and live recordings kept the band plenty busy and fed fans' need for as much music as the band could produce. Though kind of a departure, the stellar Indie Cindy finds Black Francis/Frank Black, David Lovering, Joey Santiago (and a rotating cast of touring bassists) doing what they do best.