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The Perviest Perv Who Ever Perved?


The slime-over hair cut and the creepy half-sneer, half smile say "Certainly," but five words in convicted pedophile Dean Schwartzmiller's heap of notebooks tell a different story, the 64-year-old claims. Those words: "This is a work of fiction."

There's a precedent for his denial--and it working. Schwartzmiller has been arrested in five states, including Idaho, on 80 counts of child molestation, but has been convicted of only nine counts--and he's successfully appealed four of those. This time around, Schwartzmiller is accused of molesting two 12-year-old cousins in South San Jose, California. Police say that a heap of notebooks found in Schwartzmiller's residence, where he lived with another convicted child molester, contained 36,000 entries which police suspect could be logs of his thousands of assaults he undertook over the last 30 or more years. Schwartzmiller says the two boys were coerced by police into claiming that he molested them.

Schwartzmiller was arrested in 1974 on charges of lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor for allegedly molesting two 13-year-old boys in Mountain Home. He made bail and fled to Brazil. He was convicted in 1976, but the judgment was overturned by the Idaho Supreme Court. He was convicted again of L and L in 1981 in Canyon County and was sentenced to 30 years, but served just six before this verdict was also overturned.

Schwartzmiller's ability to successfully defend himself in court has made him somewhat of a celebrity on the peak-and-shriek documentary circuit, with lengthy pieces on Dateline NBC and America's Most Wanted that portrayed him as possibly the most prolific child molester in the United States.