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The Perishers: The Ultimate Depress-a-thon

To fully appreciate this review, the reader must first understand the concept of a "depress-a-thon." It's a ceremony conducted when a person who's feeling low sits down with a stack of "dark" CDs and listens till the sadness passes. If this is your aim, then The Perishers are tailor-made for you. Coming from a land where darkness outweighs light, it stands to reason that the music Sweden produces naturally tends to melancholy. But this doesn't have to be taken as a negative. Songs like "Trouble Sleeping" and "Pills" strum the internal chords of loss and love expertly for musicians who speak English as a second language. It pains me to say that the rest of the Let There Be Morning album left me cold, no pun intended. While the piano was well played and the lyrics poignant, there was definitely something lacking. The band is technically proficient, although very much in love with minor chords. They lack the edge I look for in even mellow music, but don't let me be the sole judge. You can check out The Perishers when they open for Sarah MacLachlan at the Bank of America Centre on Tuesday, April 19. In short, don't look for revelations on this CD though there is hope of things to come from this import.

-by John White