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The Pavilion, Boise Contemporary Theater


With a wave of her small hand, The Pavilion's black-clad narrator creates the universe from a drop of water, triggers shooting stars and bathes BCT's wood-floored stage in "a most poetic lavender light." Played exquisitely by Andrea Caban, the narrator changes roles continuously throughout the performance, morphing into dozens of characters--from an all-knowing Creator to a petty Minnesota housewife to a pot-smoking small town sheriff.

Set at the Pine City class of 1990 high school reunion, Craig Wright's three-person play follows the reconciliation of high school sweethearts Kari (Hollis Welsh) and Peter (Dywane Blackaller). As the night progresses and imaginary wine cooler bottles pile up on the venue's imaginary tables, you begin to see the wrinkles caused by 20 years of longing and regret.

BCT's stage is set minimally—with hundreds of single, dangling light bulbs that act both as stars and warm dancehall lighting. Though there are only three actors, each fills the room with their delicately portrayed emotions. Check out this fantastic play about the effects of time before time runs out.

Through Nov. 7. Wednesday-Saturday, 8 p.m.; Saturday matinees at 2 p.m. $21-$32, $12 previews, students and ages 25 and younger, Boise Contemporary Theater, 854 Fulton St., 208-442-3232,