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The Paul Tillotson Trio, July 7


First Thursday has become an important part of the thriving downtown Boise scene. People who might not usually be out come downtown on the first Thursday of each month to look at amazing art, street performers and each other. One of the great things about these monthly events is that stores and galleries put on their best shows to make the night as fabulous as possible for everyone. But every once in awhile a store or restaurant lets out all the stops. This last Thursday, it was the Brick Oven Bistro who really outdid themselves. They invited the Paul Tillotson Trio to perform out on the Bistro patio and invited the city to come and give the Trio a listen. For free. What a treat.

Although unbearably hot outside, the Trio played some of the coolest jazz and funk tunes I've ever heard. They played originals and some songs that were recognizable but at the same time definitely had a Trio touch. Complemented by beautiful rhythms on a stand-up bass and drums, Tillotson on electric piano sounds like he's got liquid fingers. They just fly up and down the keys. The notes are clear and sharp when they're supposed to be, and blended and mixed together when it's called for and the three men play like they're all part of one machine. I'm not much of a jazz connoisseur, but I know what I like. I like the Paul Tillotson Trio and I like the Brick Oven Bistro for giving folks out for their once-a-month foray into downtown a chance to hear some really good music.