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The Prize-Winning Punch of The Fighter

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If The King's Speech and The Social Network were the titans to beat at this year's Oscars, The Fighter was the underdog, with strong performances under director David O. Russell. It is the first film to win both Best Supporting Actor and Actress since 1986's Hannah and her Sisters.

But Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg and Melissa Leo aren't the only reason to see this movie. Based on the life of boxer Micky Ward, The Fighter aspires to show honestly what goes into the "guts and glory" of boxing. As Wahlberg said of the film, "I've seen every boxing movie ever made ... but the fighting just wasn't as realistic as what we hoped to accomplish in this movie."

And two Oscars suggest that they succeeded.

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The Fighter

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Director: David O. Russell

Writer: Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson

Producer: Dorothy Aufiero, David Hoberman and Ryan Kavanaugh

Cast: Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams, Melissa Leo, Robert Wahlberg, Dendrie Taylor, Jack McGee, Jenna Lamia, Salvatore Santone and Chanty Sok