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The older and wiser Dream Police • Jazz Hands


The older and wiser Dream Police

Cheap Trick has just come out with a new album, Rockford. I lived the '80s and I loved the '80s and even though it took me a while to shed the excessive number of bracelets, hair scrunchies, fingerless Madonna gloves and pegged pants, I did. But in a time where aging rock stars are again (or still) touring, ofttimes hoping to regain some of their past popularity, it's always with a bit of hesitation that I open my arms to a new CD by a, let's face it, old band. In this case, I'm glad I did. Rockford is a really great album. With over 20 recordings behind them, it's hard to believe original members Bun E. Carlos, Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen and Tom Peterssen would have anything new to say, but they do and this is classic Cheap Trick done in a new way. Check them out on Let's hope they add a Boise show to their 2006 tour.

Jazz Hands

The Intermountain Jazz Collective (IJC) needs players. The IJC is made up of amateur and professional musicians of all ages from the Treasure Valley and was started by David Pollardy and Northwest Nazarene University's Dr. Casey Christopher. The following is IJC's mission statement:

"The IJC is a performing jazz band made up of student, amateur and professional musicians in Idaho's Treasure Valley.

The primary goals of the IJC are to provide high-quality live jazz music, a community of diverse jazz musicians, mentoring for jazz students of all ages, opportunities for musical expression and growth avenues for improving musicians."

The IJC rehearses on Monday nights from 7 to 10 p.m. at NNU. Contact Pollardy at 331-4745 or for more information.