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The Off-Center Dance Project Gets Kinetic

Feb. 25-26


When you hear the phrase "kinetic kitchen," images of chocolate-covered mixing bowls, cracked egg shells and counters covered in flour might dance through your head. But the Off-Center Dance Project doesn't want anything to dance in your head: They want to bring the visual right to you.

"Kinetic Kitchen" promises to deliver a delicious variety of artists presented in one evening of dance.

The Off-Center Dance Project, as the name suggests, does things a little differently, striving to bring a unique perspective to the medium. This event is no different. The company is bringing three visual artists and a composer together to show what dance can do. The visual artists are local and include furniture maker August Johnson, book artist Earle Swope and Rhonda Manley, who created original pieces as she watched the dancers rehearse. Just how the pieces and dancers will work together is yet to be seen--but there have been 6-foot-tall sculptures and futuristic chairs mentioned.

The dancers and pieces will come together with the music of local composer Jared Hallock, who composed new music for "Kinetic Kitchen" in collaboration with the artists and dancers as he watched everybody in action, inspired by the music.