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The News Goes On


The News Goes On

It takes us all summer to put two Best of Boise issues together, and when we're done we all just want to put the next issue on the back burner and move vacation to the front burner. Clearly that's not happening this week. Not only do we have a heathy page count (golf claps for the sales team), but we've scrounged up some words to fill those pages that make for some darn interesting reading.

First up is News Editor George Prentice's Bridge Under Troubled Waters. Prentice has been reporting on Bridge Resources, the company that hopes to build a natural gas extraction plant in Payette County, since last summer when it sank 11 wells into the ground. As the story developed--from drilling to regulatory hearings to the dissent from locals in Planning and Zoning meetings--Prentice has kept a close eye on the story. In fact, he's often been the only media rep in the room as the story was happening. In this issue, he takes a peek behind the curtain to have a look at the wizard.

This week being First Thursday, this edition of BW is pretty art heavy. Start with Tara Morgan's account of Kirsten Furlong's new exhibit at the Linen Building, then dig into new writer Jana Moseley's piece on the life and work of Robert Auth. Next up: First Thursday listings will help you get around downtown so that you don't miss the shows and shopping you really want to see.

To those of you who joined us on Oct. 2 at the Best of Boise party, thanks for hanging out. I hope you won a sweet prize and enjoyed those salty chocolate chip cookies everyone was raving about. Your next opportunity to hang out with us: Wednesday, Nov. 2, for our annual Cover Auction. Details to come.

On a final note, I'd like to take a moment to say good-bye to A&E Editor Amy Atkins, who enjoyed her first official day of BW retirement on Oct. 3. After eight years of the insanity of BWHQ (which, in real-world years is more like 80), Atkins has decided to see what else the world has in store for her. Also making a final appearance in our staff box this week is Heather Lile, who will join us on a freelance basis from here on out. Thanks for your hard work, ladies. You're both already missed.