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The Moon is a Dead World: Gospel


So I'm looking over the marketing slick that came with the album for this review-Gospel's The Moon is a Dead World-and the second sentence begins, "Unfettered by limitations ... " This sounded like code for, "No idea what the hell we're doing." Turned out to be a prophetic observation. Anyone at their recent Yosada House show on May 23 probably would agree.

In attempting to mix progressive rock, punk and English metal riffs, this New York band's debut album ends up sounding like ... well, crap. There's only one instrumental on the album, but the mix is so poor, they all could be; even when lead vocalist Adam Dooling is screaming, it's difficult to hear over the repetitive drums and pointless guitar solos. It's possible to mix genres successfully, but you wouldn't know it from this effort.

The sad thing is that, despite the howling and pretention, these guys have the chops to turn into either ass-kicking metal gods or sharp prog-rockers. They can play, and in the occasional melodic interludes on Opium and Golden Dawn, you can hear it. If you listen that far, that is.

Once these guys make up their minds about what kind of band they want to be, they'll be worth a listen. They're not there yet.

-Brandon Nolta