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The Misfits, Nov. 10, Knitting Factory


Ask any three-chord punk rock band (aren't they all?) to name a big influence, and the name Misfits name is likely to pop up. Founded in the late '70s, the Misfits personified punk and among fans, their "fiend skull" logo is as iconic as the rainbow apple or the Golden Arches. But where Apple and McDonald's held their creative ideas close to the chest, the Misfits served as a jumping off point for musicians who were affected by the band's music and yearned to tap into that same vein. This is no Misfits cover band. Original bassist Jerry Only, on bass/vocals, Dez Cadena (Black Flag) on guitar and original drummer Robo are still making the rounds three decades after ripping holes in the folk- and bubblegum-rock fabric of the '70s. It's not often you get to witness this kind of legacy live and hear the seeds of what would become an entire movement of music. These guys are proof that art endures and age ain't nothin' but a thing.

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