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The Metal as Art Tour, Jan. 28, Gusto


Too Much Distortion's Justin Cantrell may need to sleep in on Friday, Jan. 29, because on Thursday, Jan. 28, he's bringing two big shows to the Sixth and Main area downtown.

The Missionary Position will be on top of it at Red Room along with Microbabies, Le Fleur and Vagerfly (see Noise, Page 21) and the monster Metal as Art Tour will rip through the walls at Gusto with France's Hypno5e, Boston-based Revocation and New Jersey boys The Binary Code.

Ed. Note: End of All Flesh is also on this show.

Experimental metal makers Hypno5e are hot on the heels of their debut release Des Deux L'une Est L'autre, an eerie mind-bending swath of head-banging music. Revocation creates soundtracks for the gods of yore. And The Binary Code's progressive metal makes the best use of ones and zeros ever.