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The Lonely Forest

Saturday, Oct. 8 at Flying M Coffeegarage


The music of the Pacific Northwest often reflects how the lush, wet soil and gray skies of the area have informed its creator's style--the dampness seeps into the songs.

Anacortes, Wash.-born The Lonely Forest looks, sounds and feels like a Northwestern act. TLF blends indie-pop melodies and often up-tempo beats with opaque lyrics, resulting in both the heart swell that comes with hearing a peppy tune and the sense of introspection that can come with thought-provoking lyrics and emotional delivery. TLF's lyrics are weighty and frontman John Van Deusen's clear diction and occasional warrior cry give the songs added gravity: "What sort of world and plight for our children must we leave? / Let us burn the nation's budget. / Let's send boys overseas to fight ghosts in the desert instead of teaching them to give and lead."

The Lonely Forest was the first band to sign with Trans (an imprint of Atlantic Records), the new label by Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Walla. The Lonely Forest has gotten a lot of buzz lately, so it was probably a safe business bet for Walla. But it's also a good fit. The forest won't be so lonely any more.