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The Jack Daniels Sessions EP Book Tour

Tuesday, June 7, at Hyde Park Books


The name of author Elwin Cotman's blog says it all: Look Ma, No Agent!

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in fiction writing at age 20, he founded a writer's co-op, offering residencies and support to new voices, as well as working as an independent author and performance artist.

But why stop there? Heavily influenced by DIY and punk culture, Cotman took another page from their playbook and booked his own tour to promote the book he put out himself: The Jack Daniels Sessions EP.

The book is a collection of five sci-fi/urban folklore stories, combining elements of fantasy and music culture and spinning them as contemporary mythology. Though it's available on Amazon, Cotman would prefer that you buy it from an independent shop or website.

Or you can just buy it from him directly. Cotman will be stopping in Boise on his tour, reading from his book at Hyde Park Books along with poet Kim Vodicka.