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The Infamous Motel Cowboys


One of my stops in a Saturday full of baby showers and dance performances—both of which I was merely an observer, not a participant—was at the annual raucous party called the Famous Motel Cowboys Reunion.

At the Bouquet Saturday night, organizer and performer Kip Attaway said he wished more people had gone to the Egyptian Theatre for the roast of and tribute to music legend Pinto Bennett, but the merch-buying packed house that night was easing the pain. (I'm guessing the liquid in his glass helped a little as well.)

I arrived too late and left too early to catch any of up-and-comer Jeremiah James' performances, but everyone I talked to said he was a highlight of the night and an obvious heir to the Idaho country music throne.

I did hear a couple of sweet Americana croons by locals Joshua Tree, whose music had a big portion of the crowd—including two of my favorite lesbians—cutting a rug out on the dance floor.

Bennett, dressed in his signature gray sweater and broad cowboy hat, joined the Tree on stage for a couple of songs, jumping in on the choruses. He may not have known the songs, but a musician of his caliber doesn't get where he is by shying away from an impromptu performance.

According to a reliable source—someone who stayed to the bleary-eyed end—the music played on 'til the wee hours of the morning and, at one point, cops were on the scene. But my guess is that a Famous Motel Cowboys reunion isn't a success unless somebody calls the po-po.