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The Incredible Hulk


Q: Hollywood just came out with an Incredible Hulk movie in 2003. Why would they remake a movie so soon afterward?

A: People continue to pay big bucks to see these comic book hero movies. And this movie is night-and-day different than its predecessor from five years ago.

In this take on the Hulk, all the transformation stuff's already taken place. Dr. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton, American History X) is in hiding, working discretely in a factory in uber-populous Brazil. But when a drink container leaves the plant tainted with a spot of Banner's blood, Gen. Ross (William Hurt, The Village) and the U.S. Army are quickly on his tail again. But this time, they have a British commando (Tim Roth, Pulp Fiction) helping, and he wants some of what the Hulk has.

Norton would not have made my top 10 list of actors to next play the Hulk. But he actually turns in a pretty outstanding performance for an action film. Of course, a portion of the time, it's not Norton who plays the Hulk but some pretty nifty computer-generated pixels.

The Hulk, as a character, is typically far less fun than Batman, Spider-man or Iron Man since he's really just an un-Jolly Green Giant that breaks things, but this version of the film is well assembled and gives all kinds of nods to the comic book and the '70s TV show. And it certainly beats the heck out of director Ang Lee's underachieving 2003 attempt at superhero drama.

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