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You remember the cool kids in high school: The ones who seemed to have it all, know it all, were on the cutting edge of every trend and were the thermometer by which all standards of cool were measured.

We were never those kids.

We were the kids behind the bleachers, hiding in the library, skipping class or even in the band, but we were never--by just about anyone's definition--cool.

But that's how we know the universe has a sense of humor. See, the dorks and the socially awkward grew up to work at Boise Weekly and are more than ready to wield their power to declare the standard of cool in Boise. And that's just what we do every fall when we roll out the Staff Picks edition of the Best of Boise.

That's right, the first of two annual editions of the Best of Boise is devoted to those people and things we think deserve a little extra recognition. It's a bit of a popularity contest--but so was high school--and this time around, the geeks are calling the shots.

This issue gives us the opportunity to fawn over some of our favorite things, and like always, everything we highlight is one of the truly local things that makes the Treasure Valley stand out from the rest of the nation.

As usual, we like to have a little fun with our Staff Picks. Things will get more serious next week. Readers get their turn on Wednesday, Sept. 29, when the much anticipated Readers' Choice edition will hit the streets, revealing the results of more than a month of online voting.

For now, we're going to revel in our edition. If you want us, we'll be sitting in the back of the bus, where all the cool kids sit--or so we've been told.

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