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The Idaho Day of Percussion to Feature Drummer From Spinal Tap

Saturday, March 19


Playing drums seems like it should be easy--hit the drum with the stick, repeat.

But the variety of tones that can be made from different strikes and different drums, as well as the difficulty of maintaining multiple beats with various limbs, make drums among the most complex and challenging instruments out there.

Despite their often aggravating level of difficulty, drums are also immense fun ... because you get to hit them with sticks. Again and again and again. They're like a musical punching bag that you can choose to pummel with anything from pencils to tree branches, depending on your mood and personal style.

Local drummers looking to advance their skills have an excellent opportunity to do so this week with the Percussive Arts Society's Idaho Day of Percussion, an all-day percussion and drumming event on Saturday, March 19.

The event will feature performances, clinics and master classes from master marimba malleteer Naoko Takada, percussionist Robin Sharp and drum set artist Gregg Bissonette, whose credits include playing with Ringo Starr, Carlos Santana, Electric Light Orchestra, David Lee Roth and Spinal Tap--though not all at once.

And you know Bissonette is amazing because he somehow made it out of Spinal Tap without spontaneously combusting.

In addition to the classes and performances, there will also be tons of door prizes including a drum set and limited edition Pearl snare drum.

Only a guitarist would be somewhere else.