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The i48 February Challenge Might Also Be Known as i672

But there's not really a ring to that, is there?


Time's up. As Boise Weekly was hitting the streets Wednesday, March 1, the inaugural monthlong i48 February Challenge was finishing up. It's the newest addition to the i48 family, which started 14 years ago with a summertime challenge for teams of filmmakers to turn a short film around from start to finish in 48 hours. The first addition came seven years ago with h48, an October competition that tasks teams to make horror-themed mini movies. This year, i48 organizers debuted the i48 February Challenge, the biggest and most collaborative offspring yet.

"This is something we've been thinking about for a while," said i48 Co-Director Josie Pusl. "Now, we'll have three i48 events, strategically spread across the calendar year."

The i48 February Challenge defies the previous rules as well as the i48 name: To produce a short film of 10 minutes or less, filmmakers get the entire month of February. It could be dubbed i672, since that's how many hours they have to complete the challenge.

"But that just doesn't have a ring to it, does it?" Pusl said with a laugh. "Considering [the teams] have a month, the quality should be impressive."

While i48 and h48 competitors are eligible for a long list of awards for acting, composing, writing and producing, the February Challenge has only two: one for best screenplay and one for best film. Judging takes place throughout March, and all of the films will be screened in a one-time only showcase on Saturday, April 8 at The Flicks.

"This particular competition should be interesting in that we're expecting to see some cross-pollination among the teams since we're encouraging them to collaborate more," said Pusl.