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The Hoot Hoots + Wartime Blues + Sam Hill

Friday, Oct. 9, The Olympic Venue


The Hoot Hoots might seem like a bunch of good-natured goofballs, but there's some serious power in their pop. The Seattle-based quartet's rocking, anthemic sound has the feel of a spontaneous summer road trip or kick-ass backyard barbecue.

Joining the Hoot Hoots at the recently remodeled and restored Olympic Venue (above Mulligans) is Wartime Blues, a six-member band that writes its style of Americana against a backdrop of the Clark Fork River, the mouth of Hellgate Canyon and the mountains of Missoula, Mont. Rough-and-rugged Montana culture converges with college town quirk in Wartime's music, resulting in experimental folk that incorporates a cello, mandolin, keys and swayable harmonies.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention Boise Weekly's own former calendar guru/web guy Sam Hill will also grace the stage that night. He describes his so far nameless band as "Hmmm... idk, indie rock pop something or other. Some folk in there, too."