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The Hills are Alive


With as much rain as Southwest Idaho has received in recent weeks, it's amazing to see the green hills instead of the pale brown most Treasure Valley residents are used to. When you get up close, you might even notice that the wild flowers like it, too. We think it's time for a drive along the South Fork of the Boise River!

Our recommended "green" road trip will have you putting on your lederhosen and singing like Julie Andrews as you drive up Black's Creek Road past Three Point mountain and into the canyon of the South Fork of the Boise River. This dirt road is fine for all makes and models, just take it a little slow so you can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

Drive up out of the canyon on over to Prarie, then make your way back down to Cow Creek Road. That will take you back out to Highway 20 and Mountain Home. Take your Idaho Atlas and Gazetteer, but don't worry if you get lost ... you're on an adventure. If you want, take your fishing stuff and stop for a while on the river.

-Bingo Barnes