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The Heavenly Black Angels

Saturday, May 7, Neurolux


The Black Angels' name evokes an old motorcycle gang and psychedelic distorted guitars and wavery faraway vocals do little to change that. For a group as young as they are--the Austin-based band has been around since about 2004--their songs and subject matter age them, as evidenced by tracks like "The First Vietnam War" from the band's 2006 release, Passover: "Oh we got off that boat / Charlies everywhere / A lotta killin' and dyin' / And no one seems to care."

Their third release, 2010's Phosphene Dream (Blue Horizon Ventures), is filled with those same sounds in tightly wound songs. If one came on the radio, a person wouldn't know if he or she was tuned to an oldies station or an ultra hip XM satellite station. Phosphene Dream could be the soundtrack to every '60s film that Mike, Tom Servo and Crow have ever made fun of--except The Black Angels are as good as all of those movies are bad.