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The Head and the Heart Plays Neurolux

Wednesday, Aug. 28


When The Head and the Heart played Boise in 2011, the experience was unique enough to make the lede for the band's write-up in Rolling Stone: "To understand the overwhelming optimism of Seattle folk-rock band The Head and the Heart, just look at how they conquered Boise, Idaho."

Long story short, they sputtered at a nightclub but built a fanbase by playing gratis at pizza joints and farmers markets.

Back then, The H and the H were just another bunch of 20-something folksters bombing around the Northwest. Now, the band is officially a Big Deal, with appearances on late-night talk shows, international tours and, holy of holies, songs used in TV shows. All this with only one full-length album. That changes Oct. 15, when the band releases Let's Be Still. To celebrate, Boise gets conquered again Wednesday, Aug. 28, at Neurolux. Find new track "Shake" on YouTube.