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The Haps on the Hill


Fork over five grand as a big fat allowance to Boise's non-profit mountain and it gets you a tax deduction as well as one very expensive parking spot. Mile-high donors giving to Bogus Basin's Park and Ride Giving Campaign earn themselves a Preferred Parking Permit in the coveted Morningstar parking lot #2 for those decidedly busy weekends and holidays. And that's not all the bang for your buck. Donors can choose to have their name permanently affixed to the back of a chair on the Deer Point or Pine Creek lifts. Bonus? The parking pass is transferable so you and 56 of your friends can chip in $89.29 each to raise that $5,000 donation. Bogus? The chairs—and thus your record of donation—are detachable.

If you fancy a tax-deductible donation that supports our local hill, check out the Park and Ride Giving Campaign at this weekend's Snow Blast and Dance. If praying for snow is about as helpful as praying for surf, then get your dancing shoes out and do a little rain dance for the frozen stuff. One very generous Native American will be helping to perform the dance ritual on November 12 from 2-5 p.m. For more information call, 332-5100 or visit