The Greenout: Pocatello Announces Plan to Switch to Clean Energy

Across Idaho, cities, counties and resorts are switching to clean energy


Pocatello announced Friday, Nov. 8, that it plans to the make the switch to clean energy joining other cities, counties and resorts in a mission for 100% sustainable power.

The city announced that it would convert to completely green power by 2045, which came on the heels of the announcement that Ada County would convert all county facilities to clean power by 2020, with an additional promise to transition the entire county by 2045.

“The 100% Clean Electricity Resolution is yet another in a series of steps we are taking to protect our environment and quality of life for every person who lives, works and visits Ada County,” Ada County Commission Chair Kendra Kenyon wrote in a press release. “Every step we take to reduce our greenhouse gases has a long-term cumulative effect that allows us to be responsible stewards of all we enjoy in Ada County, including clean open spaces, clean water, and clean air.”

The City of Boise has made a similar promise, vowing to be totally green by 2045, which the city announced in April of this year.

Even Tamarack Ski Resort in Donnelly announced it is currently operating on 100% clean energy.

Idaho Power, the region's key power provider, committed to being 100% green energy by 2045, as well.

“Providing 100-percent clean energy is an important goal for Idaho Power. More and more customers are telling us it is important to them, too,” Idaho Power President and CEO Darrel Anderson stated in a news release. “We believe this goal is attainable. We have a great head start, thanks to our clean hydropower plants that produce almost half the energy our customers use."