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The Garden

The Olympic, Friday, April 6


"Cryptophasia" is a language developed between twins that only the two of them can understand—broken down, the word literally means "secret speech." The music from Orange County, California-based punk duo The Garden may be what grown-up cryptophasia sounds like; while listeners can understand the words, something about the tracks produced by twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears is still wonderfully, maddeningly obscure. The duo has been performing together since 2011, but began making music long before that based on a philosophy they call "Vada Vada," which is defined in a press release as "an idea that represents pure creative expression, disregarding all previously made genres and ideals." The publicist adds, "This is outsider music made from the inside." Catch the pair performing tracks from their third and newest album, Mirror Might Steal Your Charm (Epitaph, March 30, 2018), to hear everything from chaotic guitar riffs to the background sounds of barking dogs.