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The Fray, June 4, Idaho Botanical Garden

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The Idaho Botanical Garden kicks off its highly popular Outlaw Field Summer Concert Series with Colorado-based, platinum-selling pop-quartet The Fray.

The band's recent release, Helios (February 2014, Epic), is only its fourth but with it, The Fray shows a desire to stretch its creative chops and try something new. Though not straying too far away from the style of tracks such as the piano-driven, heart-rending hit "Ungodly Hour," Helios explores some new avenues, like the trip-hop-tinged tune "Same As You"

Fans, don't fret. It's still 100 percent The Fray, doing what it does best. Plus, openers for the show are Oh Honey and underrated Seattle indie-rockers Barcelona, whose three-part concept EP series--Love Me (Part 1), Love You (Part 2) and Know Love (Part 3)--you might fall in love with.