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The Foreign Resort

Oct. 16, Crazy Horse


Ah, the good ol' days. As much as we love our 21st century mod cons, nostalgia creeps in when we're filling the tank with $4 per gallon gas or shelling out $50 for a concert ticket. Crazy Horse 2.0 lives in a sweet spot in the middle: The venue has been updated, but sometimes its admission prices are less than the cost of a combo meal with a side of cool.

Case in point: Copenhagen, Denmark-based trio The Foreign Resort, which is itself a purveyor of old-meets-new. Listening to TFR's melancholy goth-rock/new-wave is a little like going home--if Robert Smith was part of your teen-angst soundtrack. TFR is worth the cover cost alone, but $5 at the door also includes a night of atmospheric, hypnotizing, danceable synth sounds from locals Star Warrior, PoloMirror and DJ Louie Bash.