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The Fitzgerald Family Christmas

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The Fitzgerald Family Christmas feels like a sweater. Not your Aunt Helen's ridiculous Christmas monstrosity, but rather your favorite fisherman's knit pullover that you tug on when life's cold winds begin to blow.

Written, directed and starring Edward Burns, the Fitzgerald family is more clan than kin: two parents, eight kids and a half-dozen significant others. The father (Ed Lauter) tells his oldest son Gerry (Burns) that he wants to return to spend Christmas with the same family that he abandoned 20 years prior. But rather than offering a typical overindulgence of loathing, Burns crafts a film that considers the grace of forgiveness. Sure, the Fitzgeralds are boisterous, but they're never stereotypical.

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas is far from the best holiday movie ever made, but it's a cozy film. After all, you would never throw that sweater away, would you?