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The Farmstead Maize


Corncobs, on their own, do not inspire an overwhelming sense of dread, but there's something about standing in the middle of a cornfield that instills fear. It's the seclusion and not being able to tell where you're going coupled with the possibility of a threatening Michael Myers-type lurking a few feet away.

The Farmstead is celebrating its 15th annual corn maze and pumpkin festival. Previous maize patterns have included a Boise State Bronco logo, Abraham Lincoln's penny bust and Barack Obama and John McCain during the 2008 presidential election. Utilizing 18 acres of corn, designs and pathways are established on a computer and then cut while the crop is fairly short.

The maze is separated into two sections, so people have the option of completing just one portion or the entire maze. On average, it takes folks 45 minutes to an hour to complete the entire course, and there are "corn cops" to help people out if they get lost.

Beginning at dark on Fridays and Saturdays, the maze becomes the Field of Screams as creepy characters and eerie effects have people shaking in their boots.

There are lots of family activities at the Farmstead Festival, which runs through Monday, Oct. 31, including pig races, pony rides and hayrides. There's also a giant corn box where kids can bury themselves in grain corn, then shake out all the kernels at the Jumping Pillow.

The kids are sure to work up a monstrous appetite, so there will be plenty of refreshments on hand, including Big Daddy's Barbecue, Abe's Kettle Corn and the Burger Barn.