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The 'Ex' In 'Text'

Dear Minerva,

About a year ago I met a girl online and we started chatting. This led to us meeting and developing a relationship. The last few months have been difficult and she recently sent me a text breaking up with me. A text! I am so mad that she broke up with me this way that I can't deal with it. I thought we had a real bond and a real love going and that our problems were going to work themselves out. Now I don't know how to proceed. What can I do about this?

—Sincerely, The 'Ex' in 'Text'

Dear 'Ex,'

With all due respect and sympathy to your situation, she broke up with you. She ended it. Now you have to move on. A text message break up is still a break up. Many relationships these days live and die by the keyboard. The same seriousness with which a few typed out words started a year long involvement, must be heeded when it is over. While it may feel bad or distant, even cowardly, and yes, tacky, the truth is more and more people communicate this way. Sure, you could request to meet with her, but she may not feel comfortable doing so and you must respect that. I wish you a lot of luck as you move on from this chapter that has closed in your life, and I hope that you find the person you've been looking for, hopefully one with better communication skills.