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The Drums Also Play Some Mean Keyboards

Sunday, May 6, at Reef


It's a common lament that there aren't new oldies. The sounds of an era may resonate, but the songs grow stale and it is a rare band that can effectively recapture the sound later.

The Drums are one of said bands, with a post-punk vibe that would sound perfectly at home on an early 1980s compilation alongside The Cure, The Smiths and Echo and the Bunnymen.

The Brooklyn, N.Y., band got a ton of buzz with its 2009 EP, Summertime. Its performance at Neurolux was one of the best-attended shows of the 2010 Promenade Music Festival.

The Drums will return to Boise to promote its new album, Portamento, which--despite the band's drummer switching to guitar, its guitarist switching to synthesizers and getting an altogether new drummer--is every bit the dreamy, surf-tinged dark pop collection as its 2010 self-titled LP.

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