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The Dogfight Days of Summer


One would think that with all the news stories about road rage in Idaho over the last year-and the effects said rage could have on a local collegiate football team's defensive squad-that drivers would finally begin to chill the proverbial "F" out. But August looks to have been another month dominated by Idahoans who listen to the little devil sitting on their right shoulder, and disregard the angel on the left.

August's first incident took place in the Wood River Valley east of Carey. According to a report in the Idaho Mountain Express, it began with the common scenario of an aborted passing attempt on a remote highway. A van swerved back into its lane to avoid an oncoming car, nearly toppling a pair of motorcyclists. When the motorcyclists, one of whom was a U.S. marshal, saw the van pulled over a short distance later, they pulled over to talk to the careless driver. He responded by pointing a gun at them. The marshal contacted the Blaine County Sheriffs Office, who sent out five squad cars to surround the area in which the van was traveling. They were unable to find the van.

Boise Police are also on the search for a pair of rageaholics-although these ones are willing to actually pull the trigger. According to a police department release, the pair shot 18-year-old Cody Glyn-Jones of Eagle on August 22, after Glyn-Jones and a friend were cut off by the car and proceeded to tail it into a nearby neighborhood. The suspects, both young men, were driving a small white sedan, and may have also been in a small accident at 5:20 p.m., near the intersection of Franklin and Five Mile roads. Glyn-Jones has since been released from a local hospital. Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to call Boise Police detectives at 373-5406.