The Devil's Music

1332 Records owner Chris Cavoretto on punk, metal and nothing in between


In late 2004, Chris Cavoretto decided he no longer wanted to be in a band. He'd been playing since he was 15 and at the age of 26, didn't want to deal with the hassles any more. "I got tired of the whole practice routine and working my ass off to get nowhere," he says. Cavoretto was by no means done with the music scene, though. He still wanted to be involved. So, he started 1332 Records: "I thought [the label] was a way to help other bands that deserve to be heard."

Since starting the label, Cavoretto has signed a couple of bands, put out two compilation CDs and wrangled 1332 Record's Punk Monday, a successful regular gig at the Bouquet featuring two local punk bands for a $2 cover charge--with an occasional national touring band sprinkled in. As 1332's Punk Monday reached its one-year anniversary, BW caught up with Cavoretto at a coffee shop to talk about Mondays, music and more.

Where did you get the name for the label?

It's 666 times 2. We're twice the evil.

What kind of music did you play in the bands you were in?

Mostly metal. I listened to the Misfits a lot [when I was younger] so in all my bands, I'd always throw a Misfits- style song in.

1332 Records has punk and metal bands on the roster. Is there any genre you would refuse to put on the label?

As far as the label goes, anything that's not aggressive, I wouldn't have. Like folk music.

The thing I'm going for is a horror theme. I don't think every band has to have that [to be on the 1332 label], but that fits the "twice the evil" thing and that's the kind of band I want to push. I've even thought that it would be cool to have some kind of rap group on the label if they were geared to the horror theme, so it's definitely not just punk and metal. I'm open to different things.

How many bands are on the label?

Right now, I'm gearing up to do two new releases. We've got Wilson St. Pub and Sluthouse Band and the Arch Goat of Sodomy.

Did you go find these bands or did they come looking for you or how did that work?

I've known Byl (lead vocalist for Wilson St. Pub) for like eight years and I work with him at Shadows. He told me he was thinking about starting a band and I was thinking about starting up the label. I didn't expect it to be anything serious at the time, but I said, "Yeah, I'll put out your CD." So, that's just kind of how it started. I hadn't even heard them or anything. I just thought, "He's my friend. I'll give it a shot." So that's how that started.

1332 has two compilation CDs out now. Are you working on a third?

Yeah. I haven't listened to most of the songs that have been sent to me yet because I kind of wanted to sit down and listen to them all at the same time. I'm just waiting on the normal locals who are always going to be a part of these.

If a band puts a song on one of the 1332 compilation CDs, do they get anything out of that?

Usually, the way people put out comps is they have an entry fee. And it can be like $300. It's good exposure for the band, but they [the bands] have to pay for it. So, what I'm doing is keeping the cost on the comp low.

The production costs?

Yeah, and the sale price. I usually sell the CDs for five bucks.

I don't make as much off of it, but the bands don't have to pay me to put out the CD.

How did Punk Monday get started?

I got a call from Erich [Walton, co-owner of the Bouquet] one day and he said "Hey, we did a Punk Monday awhile back and it didn't really take off and we were thinking about starting up again and wondered if 1332 would want to book it." So, I just went through and made all the arrangements. This was last November.

Has it been worth it?

It's cool. I've enjoyed booking the bands. I have guys who will go down there and help sell [CDs and T-shirts] and go down there and run things for me if I can't make it. It's cool. It's the one night a week I go out and do something. It's fun to interact with and hear some of the bands. Bands send me an e-mail and tell me they want to play and I try to give everyone a shot. I haven't had a bad experience with any of the bands.

Do you go looking for out-of-town touring bands to book?

When I first started, I was looking. At this point, bands contact me enough I don't have to go looking too much. Some bands from out of town have already heard about it. Bands like the Independents are touring the U.S., and they tell other bands if they're going near Boise, to stop here and play Punk Mondays. I don't really have to look too hard any more. Word of mouth has been the best advertisement for it. I like to get bigger acts in every couple of months, like the Dwarves show.

That show was crazy!

Yeah, I've been a fan of them for years and I just happened to see that their tour was ending in Seattle, so I e-mailed them and I got Blag [lead vocalist for the Dwarves]. The Bouquet stepped in to guarantee that show. It was a great turnout and they made their money just at the door. I've only done a couple of shows like that, but they've been pretty good. I don't want to overdo it though. Around here people get tired of things pretty quick. Especially if there's a $10 cover at the door. The $2 cover is great. We have regulars that come in and they're there every week. We don't have too many slow [nights] any more.

On the first Tuesday of every month starting December 5, 1332 Records will start a trial run Torn Up Tuesday featuring metal bands and music. It will run the same as Punk Monday: two bands, two bucks.