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The Devil Makes Three

Friday, Jan. 24, Knitting Factory


The tattooed trio of Pete Bernhard, Cooper McBean and Lucia Turino put on a rowdy live show, and even ol' Beelzebub himself would most certainly enjoy seeing The Devil Makes Three in the flesh. But for fans of "Americana revivalist" music (if that isn't a sub-genre of rock, it should be), The Devil Makes Three's latest release, I'm A Stranger Here (New West, October 2013) is nigh on a religious experience.

The single "Stranger" opens with a refrain of "ah-ah-ah-ah-ahs" and up-tempo yet foreboding strums of guitar and stand-up bass that lead into a story with an ominous beginning: "Well, I'm alive like a sprouting seed / like the deepest roots of an ancient tree. / I did not come here for the bread. / No, I have come to wake the dead." No rest for the wicked here.