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The Deathmaker's Character


Grisly tidings out of Nampa, where officers found a naked man wandering a North Side neighborhood early on January 23. When they questioned him, they heard allusions to a crime of some kind. The man then led officers to a house near Kings Road, where they found the remains of 31-year-old Brandon Johnson and 19-year-old Randall Brock, both of whom had been bludgeoned to death with an ax that the killer left sitting in a toilet. The cops' nude guide, 26-year-old Brent High of Idaho Falls, was arrested for the crime.

At High's arraignment, recounted in the Idaho Press-Tribune, Magistrate Judge George Soughworth said that the killer perpetrated the crime "to fulfill some sadistic desire." Other than that statement, the local media focus has been entirely on the victims and their families. Then, last week, a national crime writer turned his gaze to the alleged murderer. In a turn of events eerily reminiscent of the early days of the Joseph Duncan case, Steve Huff of "The True Crime Blog" managed to online-search his way to what appear to be High's page and online gaming profiles to capture an image of High in his own words.

The first virtual revelation: High had recently relocated to Nampa from Idaho Falls and was receiving Social Security disability support. Second: He was a fervent devotee of online communal role-playing games like Everquest, even calling those games his "career." Third: High favored the screen name "Brentos Deathmaker" (a play on the "Mentos: The Freshmaker" ad campaign). But here's where it gets personal: A gamer using the same moniker recently posted an offer on the forum to sell Brentos' Everquest profile for $1,800--a common practice, and not a wholly unrealistic price. But in this unedited message, High is remarkably open about his circumstances.

He writes: "Broke up with lillyanna after 12 year relationship now im 26 yrs old. Living with Heffe...hauled all that my exe didn't take to the dump, with the clothing on my back and what little I owned Ie a cmputer left.....and now have a property manager handling my home in that make a long story short. Now that im in the Same Metro area as my RL brother, and friends i'm looking to sell Brentos account and be done with EQ. played it for years and no reason to talk to lillyanna at all we have no kids and the break was rather clean she wants to use illegal drugs and thats fine she can OD for all I care..but after 7 years im honeslty rdy to just be done with EQ...turning now to god and Jesus away from sin and wicked people ie drug abusers, I feel bad for her but what can I do she isn't my wife so I have no legal hold on her she wouldn't take me for husband doesn't want to bring life into the world I would at least like the possiblity to have a son or daughter I would love either that god sent me. Well we all got to do what we got to do. so maybe in time god will bless me untill then may god bless my exe and help her see and get off the drugs as I can't help and at that time myself good bye i've moved on."

High had apparently been cultivating this character for seven years and had paid untold monthly subscription fees, but was looking to radically change his lifestyle after the dissolution of a troubled relationship. But while he wrote later in the message that he was optimistic and looking for happiness in "all the right places," the character of Deathmaker was apparently one he could not shed so easily. For better or worse, expect the local newsies to give an abnormally close look to gaming sites as High's legal proceedings continue.