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The Death Valley Girls, Sept. 15, The Olympic


If the gang from Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! and the Manson girls had a seance they would conjure up four-headed demon The Death Valley Girls.

Heavy guitar riffs, bombastic drums and howling vocals on the L.A.-based band’s second full-length release, Glow in the Dark (Burger Records, 2016), evoke a desert netherworld populated by characters with big hair, bare feet, paisley dresses and pentagrams carved into their foreheads.

Glow in the Dark is full of fist pumping garage anthems like “I’m a Man Too,” which features the chorus, “If you’re a man, I’m a man too/ If you’re a man then I’m twice the man as you.” Switching gears, “Pink Radiation” presents a psychedelic jam buttressed by a two-chord organ drone. The song is the perfect soundtrack for a dune buggie joyride through a barren landscape that is past, present and future all at once.

Described as a "sexually liberated dystopian chain-gang," DVG brings its glamorous rock ’n’ roll black mass to The Olympic tonight, with Portland, Ore.-based Federale and local one-man-musical experience Storie Grubb. Expect the earth to shake, the windows to rattle and to find yourself possessed by the kind of demon you won’t want exorcised.