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The Dead Science: Frost Giant


The Dead Science: Frost Giant

There's a fine line between being different enough to attract daring listeners and so avant-garde that few will be interested. Seattle band The Dead Science walks that line with their new release, Frost Giant, and though it's difficult to imagine this disc becoming a commercial success, it succeeds on an artistic level. If their music is any indicator, that's more the goal anyway.

At first blush, such a judgment may seem premature; the first two songs, "Last Return" and "In The Hospital," sound like everybody had a different melody in mind when recording began. Vocalist Sam Mickens sings like he's imparting lewd secrets he doesn't want overheard, and the instruments play like Prince Valium is calling the tune. That, however, is the point. After a couple more tracks, the cumulative effect is an off-kilter soundscape of darkness and secrets. By the time things come to an abrupt halt on "Lead to Gold in the Hour of Chaos," the musical equivalent of a muscle relaxant will be in full force.

With deceptively disciplined playing and Mickens' broad vocal palette--despite delivering his lyrics in a whispering style, he manages to evoke artists ranging from Prince to Iron and Wine--the band manages to musically pour old wine out of new bottles.