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The Dark Moon Trilogy

Idaho teen writes a three-part fantasy novel


What were you doing when you were 12 years old? You were possibly mastering basic algebra, introducing yourself to deodorant and dealing with the sudden realization that your parents were completely uncool in every way. One young Idahoan was doing something a little different: She was writing a book. It would be the first installment of a trilogy, that now-14-year-old Brita Walther (pen name BSW Kicho) is aiming to complete by her 15th birthday in July.

Dark Moon, Book One of the Fate Trilogy, came about as many novels do.

"I was inspired by a dream I'd had," Walther said. She quickly followed that up by saying she realizes how trite that may sound. But Walther grew up in the Wilderness Ranch area of Boise County, so it's not difficult to imagine how living out there led her to dream up a fanciful story in which the central characters are swift foxes who inhabit "a land forgotten by man and time."

Three young foxes--Flinx, Ryou and Azumi--are all part of a prophecy that has been foretold for a millennia. Through trials of "warriorship, leadership and fidelity," each will embark on the journey to adulthood--or "foxhood" as Walther calls it--while uncovering their own destiny in connection with the ancient prophecy.

With fantastical characters, religious overtones, conflicts of good vs. evil and an abundance of other magical elements, Dark Moon is definitely a fantasy novel. But for all its mysticism, Walther said the book contains a grounded message about the importance of staying true to oneself and one's beliefs. Walther wanted to write a story showing "how someone can take their ambitions and transform the noblest of desires into something."

The second book of the trilogy, Blue Moon, is finished and awaits revision, while the third book is still in the writing stage.

"I can knock out about 20 pages in one sitting" Walther said, sounding confident that the trilogy would be finished by her July deadline. And after that, Walther has set herself a goal to complete one book every year of her life.