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The Damphools, Feb. 26, Reef


Hailey/Ketchum-based six-piece the Damphools are hoping to lose what they feel is their "cruise-ship" vibe: playing too regularly in their home town.

"We've been together about two years and are trying to separate ourselves from the resort-town band scene," said Texas-born guitarist Rico Hood.

So the country band has been branching out, traveling to Montana, Wyoming and Utah with plans to descend on California, Oregon and Washington this spring. Calling a band "country" can be a limiting and scary term, but Hood said they're OK with that. What they do is a little different ... it has an edge.

"We're not a vanilla, country/Americana band ... if we play a Johnny Cash song, it's not 'Folsom Prison Blues' ... And the new record we're working on has more swing and jazz chords."

Rumor has it, a Damphools show can get a little crazy, but as long as you don't try to get on stage with them, they'll make sure you have as much fun as they do.

Saturday, Feb. 26, $5, 9:30 p.m. Reef, 106 S. Sixth St.