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The Clumsy Lovers To Romance Boise

Friday, Dec. 14 at Knitting Factory


In Outliers, his book about success, Malcolm Gladwell discusses something he calls the 10,000-hour rule--the number of hours that must be put into an activity to truly master it.

Vancouver, B.C., folk band The Clumsy Lovers has more than 2,500 live performances under its belt. If you factor an average performance time of one hour, and time spent practicing and recording its nine albums, the group is well over the 10,000-hour mark. And those 10,000-plus hours show.

The interplay between the group's drums and banjo is as tight as a marching band, which creates furiously danceable backbones for its country-rock ballads and bluegrass anthems. The band has twice gotten nods from the Indie Acoustic Music Awards for CD of the Year and has been nominated multiple times for Canadian Folk Music Awards.